About the people


About the people at Hillside

In 2012 we, Holger and Aloun bought the Hillside Lodge. As a German-Lao couple we know how to focus on authentic Lao lifestyle, while still considering the needs and wishes of our Western guests .The mission was to create a unique place that we love and embrace, and that we can share with our guests from all over the world.

The time we bought the place, it was closed down and had been neglected for 1.5 years. We had to cut the jungle back, vamp up the infrastructure and add new amenities. When we took over, financial interests were not on our agenda. We scraped together what we had, took tools and sweat, a vision for the future, and made what is today a unique place to stay near Luang Prabang. Our place is about a lifestyle close to nature, it’s made of a dream, and the dream came true.

Today, we have a committed team that consists of Sam, our French manager, and 5 Lao staff that we hired from the surrounding villages. We trained our local hosts to become professional cooks, waiters, gardeners and housekeepers. Through creating jobs and developing local skills, we can now provide a regular source of income and an inspiring perspective to the local families.

Our passionate team:
Holger and AlounGerman/LaoOwners
SamFrenchManager and Host
Ms. LaiLaoCook
Mr. AiLaoWaiter
Ms. LaaLaoHousekeeper
BenFrenchGarden planner and coach
Mr. LaitLaoGardener
Ms. DhaLaoGardener