Self-guided walks


Self-guided walks 

It is NOT common in Southeast Asia that you can go hiking without a guide. At Hillside Lodge, you can. We are proud to give you several options that we explored. Just walk out the doorstep and you will easily find your way. You wont get lost: We created our own hiking maps for you, and marked the tracks.


Ban Xieng Muark walk

Ban Xien Muark is a nice farming village close to the resort. Its location with a cooler climate and spring water makes it a perfect place for traditional agriculture. This walk takes you to the village, some beautiful gardens and through the rice fields in the valley. You can also visit the local temple or a cave, and you can see a dam lake, the first dam in Laos built by French colonialists.

If you wish, we can arrange a school visit with the teachers in advance. Hillside Lodge supports this school with in-kind donations such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, books, pencils and other teaching or learning materials needed. Please do NOT give cash or sweets to the children. This would encourage them to beg, and sweets would harm their teeth. Your presence and interest will make them happy already.

• Walking time: ~ 1.5 hours (round trip)
• Level of difficulty: easy


Bouakmou Valley hike

A beautiful small valley and a tiny village are hidden on the mountain slopes opposite the resort. This is a lovely and more challenging hike for nature lovers and trekkers. First it leads you to a Khmu village (ethnic minority) and through rice paddies, and then gradually goes up into the pristine mountain forest. Once you approach the pass, vegetation changes and the view over the Mekong valley opens. From the pass the track continues on the mountain ridge and alongside the valley surrounded by thick jungle. The track is well maintained and daily used by locals who grow crops such as rice, sugar cane and corn in this valley.

• Walking time: ~ 3 to 4 hours (round trip)
• Level of difficulty: medium
• Elevation: +420m


View Point walk

This short but steep walk through a bamboo forest leads you to a nice view point behind the lodge, overlooking the Mekong valley and Luang Prabang.

• Walking time: ~ 30 minutes (round trip)
• Level of difficulty: medium


Tad Thong Waterfall walk

Fewer people know of Tad Thong waterfall than of Kuang Si waterfall. Tad Thong is on the way to our lodge. It’s a rainy season-only series of small waterfalls in a shady forest, a peaceful place with clear pools to cool off. You can also visit a village of ethnic minority (Khmu) and a view point to enjoy the views over the Mekong and Luang Prabang.

• Walking time: ~ 2 hours
• Level of difficulty: low to medium
If you want to do this hike on your day of arrival and with a guide, you can book a 2-days package and get a pick you up in Luang Prabang that brings you and your luggage to the starting point. After the waterfall hike, you can continue walking to our lodge, and in the meantime your luggage will be brought to the lodge by car. (Extra costs as part of the package organized by Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures).