Nahm Dong Waterfall Park

The new Nahm Dong project is based on eco tourism principles and to former guests of Hillside Lodge known as “The Hidden Waterfall“. The Nahm Dong Waterfall is one of the last unexplored places around the UNESCO World Heritage Luang Prabang. The dam at the top was build by French people and it is said it was the first dam ever build in Laos.

For decades it was forgotten until 2013, when the Hillside team rediscovered it again and guided their guests up the falls later on. The aim of the new owners now is to bring the travellers back to the nature, be in touch with the local culture and its traditional way of life. Only about 1Km away from Hillside Lodge it offers to submerge far beyond a civilised lifestyle. The profits of Nahm Dong activities are a part of donations to the nearby villages –  to help poor, old and handicapped people.

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