We care for our nature and the local communities

Our mission is based on ecologically and socially sustainable principles. It’s not about window dressing. We care for our nature and the local communities. We coexist with nature that surrounds us and respect the Laotian culture.


Our contribution to ECOLOGICAL sustainability:

  • Our organic garden provides vegetables, salads and herbs for the kitchen, based on permaculture principles
  • We don’t use any pesticide or chemical fertilizers on the whole property (but are composting organic matters)
  • We have a natural water source which we use to irrigate our garden
  • No chemicals to clean fresh water, we use natural sand and stone filters
  • We use septic tanks for wastewater
  • We use the cloudy water (in rainy season) from the nearby spring for toilet flushing
  • We are conscious with electricity use: I.e. no air conditioning (natural air circulation and fans), low watt bulbs, no laundry dryer, dimmed outside light at night time
  • Our construction material is mainly renewable and locally sourced
  • We contribute to nature and land conservation


Our contribution to SOCIAL sustainability:

  • Our Lao staff is purely hired from our neighbouring villages to support them and their families by creating a source of income and a perspective
  • We trained our local Lao staff to become professional waiters, cooks, gardeners and cleaners
  • We pay local wages that are above average
  • We buy our supplies from local markets and communities whenever possible
  • For construction maintenance or reconstructions we also hire local workers
  • We support a school nearby by useful donations such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, books, pencils and other teaching or learning materials they need