Our Food

From the Garden to your plate – fresh as fresh can be!

The Hillside Restaurant

At our Hillside Restaurant we invite guests to enjoy the wonderful flavours of our well-selected EurAsian recipes, without the use of monosodium glutamate (MSG) but using the freshest ingredients from our own organic garden instead.

If you follow a plant –based diet, this is also taken care of, as Hillside offers numerous vegan options

The restaurant is serviced with food from 8am to 9pm. (The lights don’t go out, of course you can still buy a drink after 9pm.)

the restaurant at the hillside friendly eco lodge - Aloune and Holger - Laos


An exciting day starts with a hearty breakfast. Whether you like homemade jam, fresh tropical fruit from our garden, eggs from our free-range chickens or a local style rice soup, we have it all.

Our guests can chose a la carte from six different breakfast offers. For guests booking directly with us, breakfast of choice is included in the room rate.

Lunch and Diner

We set up an inspiring menu at affordable prices. Our local chefs understand to surprise visitors with the simplicity and purity of local food, but also with the spark of Lao-Thai and Western fusion.

We carefully source our supplies from local producers and from our own organic garden. Freshness is key. Next to our standard menu we also offer daily specials depending on seasonality, and we try to accommodate special wishes. And if you like, you can go and pick your vegetable from our organic garden.

Further more Hillside offers a variety of selected vegetarian dishes and up on request vegan meals can be prepared as well.

From the garden onto your plate

Our organic garden provides vegetables, salads and herbs for the kitchen. If you like, you can go and pick your very own vegetable for your lunch or diner. From organic to permaculture: We are in the process of improving our organic garden by implementing permaculture principles.

What does permaculture mean for our organic garden? Permanent cultural planting is the practice of planting two or more types of plants close together for some kind of benefit, such as the control of pests, increased health and vigor, resistance to disease, or higher yields.

Permaculture in the Hillside Lodge garden - Luang Prabang - Laos